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This website is 11 years younger than our Bible School. When we started this ministry of preparing nationals to preach the gospel in Moldova, Romania and Ukraine we didn't think we'll tell others about what and how we did it. Now it's too bad we didn't write anything down in the beginning. Below there are just few simple reports about the ministry in the last years. I assure you the reality was much more alive and pleasant. But hopefully, this lines will give you a slight idea about what we do here, so you can pray for us. Thank you very much.

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Reports on Bible School’s sessions:

Anniversary Conference - October 17-20, 2007
Precious brethren in the Lord, ministers, graduators and students

The grace of God for the whole humanity was manifested when He sent His Son into this world to save us from our sins (Titus 2:11). This thing had to be proclaimed afterward at the Lord's command (Matthew 28:19,20) and in the last 2000 years, men that were called and sent by Him dedicated their lives for this noble goal. This too, was the purpose of our Bible School since it started, 15 years ago. This was one of the reasons we decided to have this Conference in Vatra Dornei (Romania) in Emmanuel Baptist Church, the host of the first three years of our Bible School. We gathered for fast, prayer and edification in the Lord.

We invited all the men that learned in this school but for different reasons there were not too many who could come. A big problem was obtaining the visas to entry in Romania for the Moldavians and the Ukrainians. But even so, for them that came, as you can imagine, these few days were a wonderful blessing. It was a great joy for us to meet again, some of us after many, many years; others just had the chance to know each other now. We spent a good time, enriched with many touching memories, a convicting time through the testimonies and the Word of God and an encouraging time that urged us to continue the fulfilling of the ministry where we were called by our Savior.

Every day was spent in fasting until evening. In the morning were started the meetings for worship, edifying and prayer. Brother Vasile Hoblea, Pastor and Brother Chuck Leonard, missionary and others would speak to us from the Scriptures words that encouraged us, or admonished us according with the needs, words for God's glory and for our benefit. All the participants had the opportunity to introduce himself and to bring testimonies about his personal life, about his family and the ministry of God he is involved in. We talked about different doctrines, specific circumstances some of us struggle with these days were presented, and past experiences were discussed. Victories or falls, struggles, hardships, blessings, prayer requests and praising reasons were conversation's and fellowship's matters in the conference hall and in the dormitories until late in the night. Every evening we met with the Church in Vatra Dornei for a service of worship and preaching in the House of Prayer. Many brethren spoke in these services and the sermon was preached with much grace, every time through the Spirit, by Brother Chuck Leonard, one of the many (over 70) that taught in our School, today a missionary for over 10 years in Ukraine.

Every evening, thanks to church's personnel, it was provided a meal - may the Lord reward them. After the last activities in program, our fellowship was continued in the dormitories so much that it was uninterrupted sometimes for 18 or 20 hours in row!! We all had questions for the others, and everyone had stories to tell. The common memories, the time spent together in the past moved our hearts in all this period. We all thanked God for the Bible School, for them that preached and taught us not just by the word but also by personal example. We were grateful, and we still are for them that took care of administrative matter, for them that supported and them that came to learn. For most of us, this School was a turning point in our life, an orientation of us toward the Lord, one of the most Spirit filled times of our lives, one of the greatest God praising reason, a period when we got so close to the Lord and we grew in His grace and knowledge.

Some of the brothers that could not come sent us letters or called us on the phone to let us know of their heart and situation. We gave their messages to all that were present and we rejoiced over them. We regret that there were so many that wanted to come and could not. That's why we decided to have another meeting next year, not in Romania but in Moldova. In May 2008, 13-15 we'll travel to Chishinew, Hartop and Cahul so more other Moldavians and Ukrainians will have the chance to participate in a new Conference.

Until the next reunion we assure all of you of our prayers. As we prayed for you at the Conference, we'll continue to pray in our countries / places where we returned back home. Following there are few Bible verses we decided to dedicate to all of you:

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. (Mat.6:6)
And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits. (Dan.11:32)
And I said unto the nobles, and to the rulers, and to the rest of the people, The work is great and large, and we are separated upon the wall, one far from another. In what place therefore ye hear the sound of the trumpet, resort ye thither unto us: our God shall fight for us. (Neh.4:19,20)
For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God. (Col.3:20)
He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked. (1Joh.2:6)
Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward. For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry. Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul. (Heb.10:35-39)
Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.

If you desire to send a message for the all that were involved in this ministry over these years: teachers, preachers, students, graduators, supporters. If you want to urge or to encourage someone, to give a testimony or to salute somebody or all, if you have a prayer request or whatever, if you want to show pictures with you, your family or ministry you can use our forum on the internet (click here: Forum) or you can sent them to me (here: dmarcelro@yahoo.com) and I'll put them on.

Please visit our Pictures Page to see some images from this Conference.

Thank you for your prayers, love and support.
God bless you all.
With love and prayers, in the Lord Jesus Christ,
Marcel Dumitru

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2006 Fall Session
Dear Pastors and supporting Churches

I thank God I have again the opportunity to write about another Bible School session that we held in Lunca Ilvei, Romania. As the time goes on I expect the Lord to come and I’m surprised when I realize another year was added for this earth. There is also a worldly spirit among the Christians and there is less and less interest in preparing young men for the ministry and there are just few brothers who answer God’s call to preach or to go on the mission field. So I’m glad to let you know that the Lord answered our prayers (yours too, I hope) and sent us again students and teachers for this fall. Preaching the Gospel of the Lord and the whole plan of Salvation, missions, planting and pastoring churches, dealing with people, discipleship, street ministry, helping families, Sunday school and such things filled our hearts, minds and time these two months of Bible study, teaching and preaching.

The lessons started on October the first and were finished at the end of November. Let me tell you what teachers we had and what they taught:
1. The first preacher was Dr. Jim Griggers from Austria and his subject was Isaiah (ch.1-9).
2. Dr. Jeff Smith from Scotland came for the first time in Romania. He taught
They were the only ministers coming from out of the country this time. We had two more Americans that came, but they are missionaries in Romania:
3. Dr. Jerry Sutek (his topic was “Public ministry”) and
4. Brother Paul Pierucki (
Cults, Islam, and Bible Doctrines).
There were four Romanian missionaries that helped us with their knowledge and experience:
5. Brother Marius Tudor (missionary in Albania) taught about “One soul’s value / The call to serve / Motivations in Missions.”
6. Brother Istvan Ferencz (street preacher) presented “
The Holiness of the Minister.”
7. Brother Ionut Baias (graduate from our Bible School in 1995) preached about “
The Minister of God as described in 2Timothy.”
8. Brother Iosif Varan taught about “
Communication – Dealing with people in real life situations.”
I also taught:
9. Marcel Dumitru – Romans (ch.1-3) / Fasting / Salvation Studies.

As usual, the time around the Word of God, in fellowship with His ministers and His Spirit was a very good time and had a very good influence on the students. Right in this moment, when I’m writing (December 20th), one of the students called me to say “Hi!” and to ask for prayers. He’s name is Romi and he was the only Romanian in this session. He is very faithful to his call to preach and told me that didn’t preach on streets before. Now he’s doing this ministry in his area by himself. Of course, he got reactions from the unsaved world and he needs encouragement from the Lord and our support in prayer. You may want to pray for him as for the rest of the students that attended our School. I’m sure God will reward you for this.

Starting next month, the Moldavians will have to pay a visa to enter in Romania. This will make some of them not be able to attend the Bible School any more. Please pray so God will help them in this matter.

Another very important prayer request, considering the times we live in, is that we need God to move more hearts of people to attend our “Mission’s Bible School” and of preachers to be involved in teaching them.

We intend to have a “Ladies’ Meeting” in January and another Bible School Session in March and April. Please pray for our guidance and faithfulness.

Thank you so much for helping us with your prayers and support. May the Lord bless you and reward you “here and there.”

Respectfully, yours,
Marcel Dumitru, pastor.

P.S. There are 75 brand new and interesting pictures on our website with this group of students, their teachers and different activities. To see them, click here.

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2006 Spring Session
Dear brothers and sisters

I'm glad I can present you a new report of another Bible School session concluded in Lunca Ilvei. We had two full months in March and April, even though they started with disappointments and worries. Why I say that? Because almost all of the Moldavian students had problems at the border and were turned back by the authorities. That's why three of them gave up and didn't make it. But the rest of them tried again and with the help of some heavy paid efforts and documents that we sent at the border they passed through.

It was a very good session, as usual - it is always very good when you have the chance to show the Lord and to present His teaching. We had nine Moldavian students that "endured till the end" - fine young men. There were five others (3 Romanians, 1 Moldavian, 1 Ukrainian) that for different reasons could not stay for the whole period (two months) and they attended the lessons just a short period of time (few days to a month). There were two students who fulfilled their time and received their graduation diploma. They are two very good believers and ministers in their church, involved in missions, evangelizations and children ministry.

They are converts/members in a church founded by a former student of ours, as most of all that come to this school. For all of you that didn't know, I repeat that our Bible School gets almost all the students from the converts of our former students. As we had a good number of students, so we had a good number of teachers and a large variety of good subjects.

Teachers and subjects:
James Griggers (Austria): Sacrifices of Leviticus
Chuck Coulson (Canada):
Rules of Bible Interpretation
Nimu Dobos (Romania):
Paul Pierucki (American Missionary):
Life of David
Marcel Dumitru (Romania):
Salvation, Eternal Security, Baptism
Thomas Isaacson (American Missionary):
Isaac Lawrence (American Missionary):
Holy Spirit
Ron Crawley (U.S.):
Evolution vs. Creation, Bible Doctrines
Brian Nibbe (American Missionary):
Manuscript Evidences

For all of you that enjoy pictures, there are plenty of them on our website with this group. Unlike other times when I had just few pictures, this time, there were few students and preachers that had a camera and I had the chance to choose from the pictures they made and some of them are really, really nice or funny. I put fifty pictures on the internet at the following address: click here

Thank you for all your support and please do not cease to pray for this ministry. This Bible School is a real help for the students enrolled and for their churches after they graduate. They have a unique chance here to meet men of God with a life experience and knowledge of the Savior that will have a great impact on them. The straight, sound doctrine also is a new thing for some of them. They learn what they believe here and how to walk with God, not just by hearing but also by seeing in these preacher's lives.

Please do not forget to pray for our Summer Camp Program, as we prepare for it. And if there is any preacher who would like to be involved in the ministry of teaching in our Bible School in the fall (October or November) please let him contact me or brother Paul Delmark Of Sturgis Baptist Church, Sturgis, MI.

Thank you very much again.

God bless you.
Respectfully, with love and prayers,
Marcel Dumitru

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2005 Spring Session
Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord

I can't get rid of this feeling and thought that we live in the very last days. I know the same things were written two thousand years ago and repeated many, many times since then. But this doesn’t make me stop believing so. Everything in the world and many things in the Church show me the same. I think it won’t be long and we’ll be soon gone from here… There were times when I use to see future. I don’t see future right now. It’s like in a train station, waiting from moment to moment to hear the sound of the coming one… and looking toward that direction… I don’t want to make any comments on the signs, but you take a moment and look a little bit inside and outside and you’ll have all the chances to get the same thought and feeling. It won’t be long… It won’t be long… Will I be able to fulfill all of the God’s will for my life before He comes back? Is there any more time left for me?

Having Him in mind and heart, we finish one thing to plan and start another hoping He will find us right in His perfect and good will. Few more brothers were involved this spring in our Bible School – new students and preachers that never visited us before. Again we had a good time learning to know, preach, teach and serve the Lord. I made my habit to let you know who taught what in each session and so I tell you how it was this time:

Brother Paul Pierucki taught on Psalms and Life of David
Brother Ron Crawley taught on Evolution vs. Creation and Bible Doctrines
Brother Mike Haley taught on The Life of Paul
Brother Marcel Dumitru (that’s me, ha!) – Bible Interpretation and Life of Barnabas
Brother Nimu Dobos taught on First Timothy and Essential Teachings
Brother Gerald Sutek taught on Public Ministry

I want to thank all of you who didn’t forget to pray for us. Please continue in this. We are planning for free summer camps for kids right now. The children in the village wait for the event and they asked us already when we’ll do it, how it will be and so on… We have many other local projects going on which keep us busy so we’ll appreciate very much your help in prayer.

I want to thank all of you that are financially involved in our entire ministry. Without your help, the things would be very different here. May God bless you and reward you much more than you expect.

Respectfully yours,
Marcel Dumitru

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2004 Fall Session
Dear Friends: Pastors and Churches

I bring you greetings from the land of Romania and I would like to let you know about our ministry with the Bible School.

Everybody around here (I mean Romania, Moldova and Ukraine) is wondering how come we still go on. I'm wondering, too! Why I say this? Because everything here today is against such a ministry. As I told you years ago, the borders between Romania and Ukraine/Moldova are harder to pass. The students are required to pay a lot of money for passports, all kind of taxes, and starting this year, the Ukrainians have to pay for a visa which will not allow them to stay 4 months in the country (as needed to study in our school for two sessions a year). Also, if a student is younger than 18 he has to have an adult bringing him in Romania - which involves a double cost for the trip. On top of all these inconveniences, people lost interest in the Gospel. In our countries there are just very few people getting saved lately and the saved are pretty cold regarding the ministry. Most of them (lost and saved) are caught up in trying to find a job, in making money, in making a living. Because now it is easier to travel abroad, everybody is thinking of leaving the country (some just for a while, some for good) to find a better life. Just very, very few want to study the Bible and to serve the Lord as a preacher, teacher, pastor, so on. Thousands and thousands of Romanians, Moldavians and Ukrainians are spread all over the Europe, North America and Australia. I know of a certain church in Moldova where in about seven years out of 150 members, now, there are just about 20 left, and all the rest are gone out of the country for good (never to return). Can you imagine, that?

This year, the Baptist University in Oradea had just 12 freshmen while they wanted to provide schooling for 22! Almost nobody cares now about a Master Degree in Theology. So, that's why I'm wondering, how come we had 11 students this session!!! Yes, we had 5 freshmen, 2 for the second time, and 4 graduators. Praise God! We had a good time, a good session. There was just one man from Ukraine. He was brought by brother Chuck Leonard who is a missionary there. Brother Leonard taught for two weeks on Bible Doctrines, Obedience, Nehemiah, Holiness (The Law of Liberty in The Spiritual Life), Ruth. There were 2 Romanian students (both graduated this session), and 8 students from Moldova. We had brother James Griggers from Austria teaching his excellent course on the Book of Hebrews, and brother Bill Bailey from Greece teaching on Islam, Confidence, Word of God, Cults and Heresies, Open Air Ministry, Satan and the Spirits' World, The Doctrines of Salvation in the Book of Romans, The Preacher and his Preaching. Brother Paul Pierucki (missionary to Romania) taught on The Witness and his Testimony, Problem Texts, Teaching Techniques, Music. As Romanian teachers we had brother Nimu Dobos (one of our missionaries to Romania!) who taught on Seeing the Lord Jesus Christ in the Tabernacle and on Prayer, brother Marcel Ionasca (our missionary to Ukraine) who taught on Mission and Betraying the Lord, and myself taught on 1 John. He had a good time together, good fellowship and church services. As usual, the hardest moment was saying goodbye to each other when everything was done.

We praise God for a good year that we had with the church in the ministry. With His help, among some other activities we had two baptism and we prepare for the third one, four weddings (I guess will have some baby dedications next year), two bible School sessions and about four weeks of children's camp in the summer, one week of medical ministry and evangelistic meetings. I'm also grateful for all the brothers and sisters from abroad that helped us with their presence, efforts, prayers, finances, advices. May God bless you all and reward you bountifully here, and in heaven too. And please say "Thank you" to the Lord for providing us again another good Bible School Session in Lunca Ilvei, Romania.

As prayer requests, please ask:
so God will call more believers to work for him as preachers
so God will move the heart of many other men to come and study the Bible

There are new pictures on our website. Check here.

God bless you all,
Marcel Dumitru

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2004 Spring Session
Dear friends, ministers, family churches

The European School of the Bible in Romania entered in its 12th year of existence. Praise God! Started in March 1992, this Bible School had the honor to bring together preachers and students from all over the world with the goal of preaching the Gospel and church planting for God's glory. There were more than 60 missionaries, pastors, evangelists, preachers who taught in this Bible School and more than 100 students that attended the courses. There are about 80 graduators and most of them are involved in the ministry as missionaries, pastors, evangelists, teachers, deacons or helpers all over Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. Praise God for the results we can see. And I'm sure we'll see much more in the glory "for we know in part" now, "but when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away!" Praise God! Can't wait for that moment!

Founded and maintained on a sacrificial basis (teachers had to pay their way here, and together with the students, many times they had to do without the best conditions - food, sleep, sickness, no electricity, no water, cold, smoke, flees, hand work, so on - there were some hard experiences which make good and sometimes funny illustrations), the School will go on with God's will as long as He will provide.

Another session finished last week. It lasted from 1st of March until the 1st of May (two months). We started with 16 students, but for different reasons five of them had to go before the end of the session. So, out of the 11 students that finished this time, 5 graduated and we wait for the rest of them in the fall. (For those of you that do not know, a student graduates when he fulfills 6 months of Bible Studies in our School). They were from Ukraine, Romania and most of them from Moldova. I really appreciate all of them for coming to study the Bible in these times. Right now, even in the churches, there are less and less people interested in what the Bible says and in preaching it. Many believers try to go west in Europe to work for some money to make a decent life. People are working from morning to night to gain money and many are deceived by letting God aside. On top of this, crossing the border to come from Moldova or Ukraine in Romania to study is harder and it will get worse. For a student to come here two months means money spent on the trip and a poor family left without a working hand - that's sacrifice! Our church asks these students from the Lord and we thank Him and praise Him for every one of them. Please join us in prayers. Thank you.

As teachers in this session we had Pastor Paul Delmark from Sturgis, MI (who taught "Bible Interpretation"), missionary to Romania Paul Pierucki (who taught "Evangelization"), brother Ron Crawley from Louisville, KY, (who taught "Bible Doctrines"), Pastor Helmut Getto from Plainville, CT (who taught "Daniel" and "Revelation"), missionary to Romania Keith Herndon (who taught "Church Planting and ministry facts from the book of Acts"). As Romanian teachers we had Pastor Ovidiu Ion (who taught "Practical Church Planting - The minister's life"), missionary Nimu Dobos (who taught "Prayer"), Claudiu Bora and Iulian Naum (who taught different little subjects) and myself (First epistle of John).

It was a very good session (as usual, according with Ps.133:1) and we closed it with an evangelistic week in the church. We had meetings every evening for the whole week, with Brother Helmut Getto preaching from the Gospels. There were a lot of visitors, many of them for the first time in the church who heard blessed messages and were touched by the Holy Spirit. During the same last week we had a medical team lead by Doctor George Swartz from Arizona, who from morning to night examined for free people from the village. They helped in many different situations, offering medication, advice, small surgeries, and even emergency cases and a serious bone replacement surgery which had to be done in a hospital one hour away from Lunca Ilvei. They were of a real help.

I want to thank all of them who came here in these two months and I want to thank all of you, our friends from all over who made it possible for this people to come by your prayers, care and financial support. I thank all of you who sent money and medical supplies for the team to work with. The students and the church were thankful, even unsaved people from the village and from the hospital I wrote above told me (and different others) how grateful they are for the blessings they received by the medical exams or by the preaching during the evangelistic week. Praise God. More heard of Him and more know now that He has some faithful disciples.

Please pray for us, as we plan to have few evangelistic free children summer camps in this summer. (We have a lot to work there to improve the facilities and to restore the damages the thieves did there during the winter time - they broke in four times, stealing what they could and destroying what they could not steal.) Thank you.

Please pray for us to have a blessed "Ladies' Meeting" in October and to have a good Bible School session in the fall. Thank you.

If this letter is too long for any of you I apologize and I assure you I left many things out to cut it short. If you don't want to hear from me any more please let me know.

May God bless you all and reward for the part you have in our ministry by your most precious prayers, love, concern and generosity.

There are new pictures on the website. Check here.

Yours, in Christ,
Marcel Dumitru

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2003 Fall Session

I lost this report ... Sorry ...

After four year (2007) I found this few lines:

The lessons started on October 14 which was the first Monday after "The Ladies' Meeting" and they were finished on December 12. We had 16 students as follows: 2 from Romania, 1 from Ukraine, 12 from Moldova and 1 Romanian resident in Japan. Two of the Moldavians graduated this session.

The teachers and the material taught in this session were, in order:

Brother Pastor Chuck Coulson (Lacombe, Canada)
- - - The Parables of the Lord in the Gospel of Luke
- - - The Life of the Lord Jesus in the Gospel of Luke

Brother Missionary Mihai Luţă (Romania)
- - - The Tabernacle

Brother Pastor Marcel Dumitru (Romania)
- - - What is a Christian?
- - - The Gospel's Foundation (23 lessons in Genesis)

Brother Missionary Sandu Dumbrăveanu (Romania)
- - - Ministry Advices

Brother Missionary Marcel Ionaşcă (Ukraine - Romania)
- - - Ministry Advices

Brother Teacher Tim Hedderman (TX, U.S.A.)
- - - Romans (ch.1-8)
- - - Joshua (ch.1-7)
- - - The victorious life

Brother Caludiu Bora (Romania)
- - - Heresies in the Modern Christianity

Brother Pastor Paul Delmark (MI, U.S.A.)
- - - Evangelization
- - - Christian Ethics
- - - Proverbs
- - - Life of David

There are pictures on the web with this session. To see them, click here: Pictures

Yours, in Christ,
Marcel Dumitru

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2003 Spring Session
Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord

The grass on the ground and leaves on the trees just started to show up here in Lunca Ilvei, North-Mountain side-Romania. The people started to go out in the fields to put the seeds that they expect to bring a harvest for them. Just like so, nine more students left our Bible School this spring to spread the Word in their places: seven in Moldavia, one in Ukraine and one in Romania. This group was a young one - the oldest of them was 26 and the youngest was 17. For the last two months, March and April, these young men prepared for the mission field, for ministry (generally speaking), for personal Christian life. God really blessed us with some good young men in a time when less and less people are interested in knowing the Lord, learning the Bible and being involved in God's ministry. Millions of Romanians, Moldavians and Ukrainians invade the whole Europe trying to gain money for a better living. Lots (much too many) believers leave their churches, families and countries just for the hope of having a easier, nicer, softer life. In doing this many of them loose their faith and them that still keep it, dilute it. I was very discouraged before the beginning of this session seeing how them that promised to come, one by one told me they wouldn’t come anymore. We fasted and prayed for weeks with the church and, Praise the Lord, eight of these nine students came as a surprise without notifying us. Right now we'll begin to pray for the fall session so God will bring men to be trained as laborers for His harvest. Please pray with us for students and for teachers also. Thank you.

Talking about teachers, this time we had some "old troopers" and also some "new comers". I had to start the teaching in this session and to fill in as the need required from time to time. My subjects were "Fasting", "Prayer" and "Baptism". Brother Ron Crawley from Kentucky taught on "Bible Doctrines". He also helped a lot driving everybody in and out of the country and all over the place day and night! This is a very tiresome work. Please pray for his health so he can do it further because this is a very needed job for us. Another good friend of ours that visited us again and taught in the Bible School was Brother Pastor Chuck Coulson from Lacombe, Canada. His subjects were "Making disciples" and "Godly Leadership". From Manitoba, Canada came Pastor David Millar who taught about "Bible Words". We had one more Canadian Brother who taught "Learning and Teaching Methods" and his name is Dr. Tom Korsh. From Pennsylvania we had Deacon Volker Valentin who taught about "The Christian Family". Brother Mark Landolt presented "The book of Romans" and Brother Bill Bailey of Athens, Greece taught on "Local Church", "Ministry and The Minister" and "Open Air Work". We had also two more Romanian Brothers from our church (some of you know and support them - thank you!) who taught for few days: Iulian Naum about "Music" and Claudiu Bora about "Waiting on God".

As you can see, it was a "full of preaching" session (as usual!) so the students had lots to hear, to take notes on and consider. The services with the church in Lunca Ilvei and Poiana Ilvei completed their "learning experience" by some "live examples" of worship, testimonies, praying, teaching and preaching. Both churches are doing fine, growing in the Lord and also in members. You have your part in all these ministries through your prayers, through your pastors, missionaries or members that you send here or through your support. Thank you very much.

The above mentioned were not the only visitors we had for this session. As you already know from some old newsletters, the Lord is opening a new door for witnessing here in Lunca Ilvei. That is a large children ministry through a summer camp we intend to start this coming July with God's help. The building project started last year and it was continued in this spring with the help of four American Brothers from Kentucky (Matt, Brad, Caleb and Joel) and the help of a Canadian team (Tim, Ryan and Ryan) brought here by our "master builder friend", Michael Schulenburg. Praise God for such people who give up their time, vacations, money, efforts, knowledge, risk their health, leave their families, churches, jobs, ministries to come here to help. So, right now, we have two dormitories, a dinning place, a conference hall, a kitchen and two rooms with floors, outside walls and roofs. We still need to put the insulation, inside walls, doors and windows and to finish the bathroom. There is no electricity, no water, and no furniture yet but the Bible School here started in the same conditions years ago! So, we know it can be done, and with God's help and providing, we believe we can make it for this July. Please pray with us for this ministry. Thank you.

We also had here for few weeks our missionary in Ukraine, Brother Marcel Ionasca who brought us a good report about his ministry there in the last year. Please pray for him also.

In April I had the privilege to visit Brother Bill Bailey in Athens and I can say with all my heart that more than all the ancient boulders, magnificent sites, interesting museums, beautiful mountains and sea landscapes, I enjoy the church that God raised in that place. They were the most beautiful thing I saw there! Truly! There were Greek people (that say "everything comes from Greeks"), lovely Philippine people (with some cute kids), I talked with a nice African Brother, a so calm Palestinian family, Americans also (whom I won't describe because you know them already). That is a "beautiful" (surely hard) ministry. I praise God for it, I pray for it and I urge you to do the same. May God bless it.

This letter of mine might be incomplete - maybe there are things I was supposed to say or you expected me to write about, and I forgot. I apologize for this - there are so many things happening for my slow mind. If you want to know more please feel free to write and ask me. I also intend to make an Internet English page with information and pictures about our ministry where you'll be able to be updated on what's going on here. Please excuse my poor English, either.

Now I close saying again how much I appreciate all of you who are involved in God's work here by your prayers, labor, visiting, preaching, money, encouragement and so on. May God bless you and reward you all. May He grant you the same joy in serving him as He granted to us. He's so good with men. Praise His Name; praise His great works and His Wonderful Heart.

Yours, in Christ,
Marcel Dumitru

P.S. If you know someone who would like to read this email and is not in the address field, please feel free to forward it. Thank you.

Note: I would like you to know that I intend to post this newsletter on the American Page of our Internet site. If by any means this letter is an offence to any of you I apologize and if for any reason (I don't need to know) you would like not to have your name or ministry connected with what's written above, please let me know so I can wipe off your name and not to send you any more letters like this one. Thank you very much again and God bless you, too.

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2002 Fall Session
Dear brethren

As we got the first snow today in Lunca Ilvei, I better hurry up and write you the latest news from here before this computer will freeze. The temperature really dropped down here in the last few days. But, praise God, it was not so cold in the first two weeks of October when we had here visitors from U.S.A., Canada, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia and all over Romania. There were two reasons for these people coming here.

First, there was a team of men, most of them from Pastor Paige Hardin's church in Kentucky, who came to continue the building work at the future children camp we intend to have here. The project was started last year with buying a piece of land and fix it, buying and preparing some material and in this August, brother Mark Landolt brought here a team of Canadian workers who raised the main building. Now, a second smaller room was raised up for a dormitory, a platform was set for a dinning hall and the pluming and the septic system were made for the first building. Both teams (the "August" one and the "October" one) worked hard, both had to fight cold weather, rain and mud, and above these, there were different difficulties with finding the right material, the intended quality or the right time for obtaining it. Their chances to be involved in the Church's services were just few, but some of them had the chance to preach or to have a greeting or a small testimony in Lunca Ilvei or in Poiana Ilvei. They came mainly to build and this is what they mainly did. Praise God for their help, effort and sacrifice. I thank you all who have a part in this too, by praying, caring or paying as I would like to thank all these brothers who came. I praise God for the desire he put in them and the power he gave them to fulfill it. We realize it is a sacrifice to pay and to come here (for some will be a sacrifice just to think about coming here :)). (By the way, I don't have the emails for most of these men, so if anybody can, please let them hear about this letter or send me their email and I'll do it. Thank you.)

Second, from 7th until 11th of October we had here, in Lunca Ilvei, the 3rd "Ladies' Meeting". These kind of meetings are intended first of all for our former student's wives, but we accept in the attendance other sisters too. So we had 42 ladies who came for this meeting from Russia, Moldova, Ukraine and all over Romania. All of them have some kind of connection with our former students of the Bible School. As speakers for the meetings there were Mrs. Valerie Landolt, Mrs. Debbie Hardin, Mrs. Rhonda Hamilton and Mrs. Elisabeth Korsh. Everybody enjoyed the lessons, the testimonies, the questions & answers, the time together. It was a great blessing for everybody. Now the vision is to have such a week every year. Please pray that the ladies will be able to come next year too. It means long hours of train traveling, difficult borders to pass, great expenses, little children left home for a week, husbands who have to cook and wash while the wives are gone and so on. Please pray also for us so we can be able to prepare everything here for a decent accommodation and most of all pray for God's presence in these meetings, so these ladies will have their efforts rewarded.

Also do not cease to pray for the Bible School as we plan to start a new session in the spring time. Please pray for students, teachers and all other details involved.

I want to thank everyone of you have anything to do with this ministry by praying, coming, preaching, building, driving, paying, caring, loving and what so ever God put on your heart to be involved with. May God bless you further.

Marcel Dumitru

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2002 Spring Session
Dear brethren

There are two weeks since we finished the springtime Bible School session. This time we didn't send out letters to invite new students, because we wanted to have just graduators, but even so we still had some "beginners". There were 10 students out of which 7 graduated. We had 4 Romanians and 6 Moldavians, ages between 19 and 52. They were good teachable brothers, more than half of them being already involved in some kind of a ministry.

As usual, it was a very busy time for us all here. We had many teachers and visitors with them from the States, we had special activities and services, evangelizations, street ministries, as follows:

First, brother Ron Crawley drove in, for a two weeks staying, brother Ted Alexander (an evangelist sent here by pastor Paul Delmark who taught and preach about "the preacher's life" and "how to evangelize"). This was a good, dynamic, start. The students and the church were stirred up by his preaching which prepared the ground for the following teacher, brother Helmut Getto (pastor, former missionary). He taught about Music, Life of Christ and Daniel in the School and 8 nights in row he preached and taught in a evangelistic manner in the church building from the book of Revelation. We had many unsaved visitors those evenings and about 8 asked to be saved, out of which we still have 5 people attending the church's services these days. In a former letter of mine I wrote you I'm so sorry for not having many visitors, converts or interested people for the gospel, lately. Now, I don't remember another Bible School session to leave so many saved people or visitors attending the church services behind! We got new friends / contacts in the village now, people that got closer to us, because of these evenings. Praise God! Brother Getto was here together with his wife and two other young ladies from their church (Sharon & Jessica). After two weeks, they left, and brother Mark Landolt (the GENERAL) came with brother Bill Bailey (missionary in Greece) and brother Carl Deems (from Florida). Brother Ron Crawley's wife came also and two other young ladies from Kentucky (Nina & Tara). The preachers took turns in teaching the students and preaching in the services. From 10th to 13th of April we had 4 other night services in row in the church building with brother Mark preaching how we suppose to understand and tell others the Gospel. Then brother Dave Turner showed up with a team of three other brothers from Kentucky (Charlie, Corry, Brian). He held four good evangelization evenings in Poiana Ilvei and during the daytime, all the team helped working for the Bible School building and the children camp we intend to have in the neighborhood. He also had the chance to teach few hours in the School. After this group left, the last one came, this time, some musicians: Gary Duty (guitar, Sound Doctrine), Bill Baker (banjo), Wayne Curry (violin), brother Rodney (camera J). They had their part in the church services (graduation, too) and in the street ministry we have in our village and in a neighbor village. They also held one public meeting in the Cultural Hall in Lunca Ilvei, singing and evangelizing, and two meetings of the same kind in Sangeorz-Bai, two evenings in the row. Brother Mark drove them in and out of the country and they had some street ministry in Cluj, too.

In all this two months of Bible School session, the students and the teachers were involved, as usual, in the normal weekly services of our Church in Lunca Ilvei and in the mission church we have in Poiana Ilvei (were works brother Sandu) and in the new mission ministry we just started in the town of Sangeorz-Bai (were works brother Ionutz).

It was a full, blessed, fruitful time for everybody: the students, the preachers, the visitors and the churches. I want to thank everybody who is involved in this ministry by prayers, caring, traveling, giving, preaching, teaching and so on. May God bless you and reward you all. Please pray for brother Ron Crawley who got sick in March and whose condition got worse in April. He left still ill in the States and I'm not sure if the doctors figure out yet what his problem is. Please don't cease to pray for us here (the Lord might open a door for us to work with some gypsies and reach another village in our county), for the students in their places of work (Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia), and for all the people involved in this ministry of SOSWorldMissions. Your help won't be a waste.

Thank you.

Yours, in Christ,
Marcel Dumitru

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2001 Fall Session
Dear brethren

This is not really a report, but just few lines I found on some piece of paper...

In this session we had 14 students: 2 from Ukraine, 4 from Romania and 8 from Moldova. Nine of them graduated at the conclusion of this session.

The preachers that taught in this session were in order of coming:

Brother Missionary / Pastor Dr. James Griggers (Bludenz, Austria - U.S.A.)
- - - Hebrews (The Christian's Road to Maturity)

Brother Missionary / Pastor Bill Bailey (Athens, Greece - U.S.A.)
- - - History of the Church
- - - Bible Manuscripts
- - - Satan and evil spirits
- - - Open Air Ministry
- - - Prayer
- - - Orthodoxy and Catholicism
- - - Islam

Brother Pastor Marcel Dumitru (Romania)
- - - Romans (ch.6)

Brother Missionary Rick Hamilton (Lacombe, AL, Canada)
- - - Bible Types
- - - Bible Study Methods
- - - Romans (ch.7)
- - - Galatians
- - - Preaching

Brother Pastor Dr. Paul Heaton (Lupton, MI, U.S.A.)
- - - James
- - - God's Misteries
- - - 1 John

There are pictures with this session on our web page. Click here to see them: Pictures.

Thank you.

Yours, in Christ,
Marcel Dumitru

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